Cyril Bondi


Johann Bourquenez — piano
Vincent Ruiz — doublebass (from 2012 to 2018)
Raphaël Ortis — bass (from 2007 to 2012)
Cyril Bondi — drums

Plaistow was formed in spring 2007 in Geneva by Johann Bourquenez (piano), Cyril Bondi (drums) and Raphaël Ortis (bass). Vincent Ruiz (doublebass) replaced Raphaël Ortis in 2012.

The three members met through various netaudio and improv-music networks, like eDogm and Audioactivity. The band name comes from a Squarepusher track, “Plaistow Flex Out”, and the piano/bass/drums formation is a Jazz archetype. The Plaistow project is based on the common will to keep the energy and freedom found in free improvisation and mix it with an electronic Rock and Noise inspired vocabulary (without ommiting some visits to Steve Reich!).

Plaistow’s music goes through all extremes. Sometimes close to silence, sounds and gestures slackened, an idea of calm and contemplative meditation might form. The feeling to be able to compose with a slow progress of time. And then, at some point, a kind of anger is given voice, just like in a brief scratch or a long howl. Forms are neglected, there is a will to get out of style and decency, a will to adopt an attitude both offhand and intense. Their repertoire consists of original compositions.

They played more than 300 concerts across the world, including Montreux Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Bimhuis Jazz Club in Amsterdam and the Moscow Jazz Festival.

The band stopped playing together in February 2018.



Photo by Mehdi Benkler, 2015